A word from the Chairman

Daniel Bour

“To meet the challenges of global warming and population growth, the world will have to make use of plenty and sustainable energy sources. In this context, solar photovoltaic energy is an essential solution for the energy transition. GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is fully committed to the success of the French energy transition and fighting against future climate challenges.

Solar electricity has become particularly competitive. Technological advances have enabled the photovoltaic costs to be reduced by 6 in the past 7 years. Once the initial capital investment has been paid off, a solar power plant produces energy almost for free throughout its lifespan, which can exceed 35 years under certain conditions. This is the reason why GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is mobilising its know-how and experience to design and construct competitive, innovative and qualitative power plants, which are essential criteria for long lasting systems.

The energy transition towards a low carbon energy mix represents a considerable opportunity for economic growth and job creation. By expanding the share of renewable sources in our energy mix, we have the means to build a strong, dynamic and innovative French industry.

In countries with a robust and well-designed electricity transport and distribution network, such as France, approximately 20% of solar photovoltaic sources could be integrated into the energy mix without causing any major technical or economic problems. In the longer term, storage solutions and peak load reduction technologies could help overcome this 20% threshold. Self-consumption of the produced electricity (consumption of a share or the entire solar electricity produced on site) offers a very promising growth opportunity for our Group.

One of the key advantages of solar energy lies in its ability to supply electricity close to the consumption areas. In this context, it represents an opportunity particularly suited to meet the growing electrical needs of emerging countries, which are not equipped with large scale electricity networks. GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is very active and engaged on the African continent. It has developed several innovative technical solutions adapted for off-grid sites, which are not connected to the electricity transport or distribution networks.

Therefore, the three main challenges of our industry are energy storage, self-consumption and access in new territories.

GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is an innovative and dynamic company, proud to put its entrepreneurial culture and its expertise at the service of its clients, investors and partners, while contributing to tomorrow’s energy solutions.”