Our values


As one of the leading companies in the French solar photovoltaic sector, GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is contributing continuously to various debates, public consultations and working groups. In this context, GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is:

– Trustee member of Enerplan, the sector’s professional union representing nearly 200 French companies. Daniel Bour, Chairman of GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE, was elected Chairman of Enerplan in September 2014.

– Member of France Territoire Solaire, the first French solar think-thank, created in 2011 at the initiative of Daniel Bour. The main objective of this think-tank is to produce proposals, including public policy recommendations, aimed at developing solar energy in France. France Territoire Solaire is at the origin of the Solar Photovoltaic Energy Observatory in France, a quarterly publication launched in 2010, whose purpose is to provide regular updates regarding the photovoltaic sector. The aim of the publication is to be accurate, objective and transparent, while analysing the solar energy solutions proposed to meet the contemporary challenges.


GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and considers responsiveness and dynamism to be its main strengths in comparison to its big global competitors. Respecting commitments and deadlines, adapting to the local environment and executing tasks with high efficiency in a timely manner are key to our growth which benefits from a very effective decision making process.


GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE considers that its business should not be developed at any cost. Our actions are therefore guided by principles on which we do not compromise. Moreover, all our projects provide significant business opportunities for the local economy: we subcontract certain activities to local businesses in the project development, construction or operation phase; we employ workers who are in a market reinsertion program in close collaboration with local associations; we organize guided tours for educational purposes on our solar power plants, etc. Aware of its responsibilities as an important player in the photovoltaic sector, GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE works almost exclusively with French or European suppliers to provide all the necessary equipment for a solar power plant (solar panels, transformers, cables, inverters, etc.).


Innovation is at the heart of GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE’s development strategy. Our in-house engineering teams are elaborating network-integrated solutions, with a particular focus on small scale networks and isolated, off-grid sites. The Group has developed several technologies for the installation of hybrid power plants (connected to a mini off-grid and coupled to a back-up generator), sometimes equipped with electricity storage devices. These innovative technologies are particularly suited for developing countries and support GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE’s growth strategy in these promising markets.


The quality of its solar photovoltaic plants is at the heart of GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE’s priorities. Thanks to its nine-year experience and the proven know-how in completing a wide number of projects, the Group has established good practices, which are widely accepted and recognized. GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE was the first company in the French sector to be certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. However, these certifications are not being taken for granted. Quality is a constant concern for our teams, which are always seeking to improve our processes. GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE is also a member of PV CYCLE, which anticipates the future dismantling of solar plants, under the European waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) directive. The importance of quality is also reflected in the safety regulations strictly applied throughout all our projects.