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SOVAFIM (pubic property and land valuation society) is a public company whose sole shareholder is the French State. SOVAFIM is responsible for valuing public real estate properties which represent a challenge for the public finances, whether it belongs to the State, its public institutions or to other public agencies. SOVAFIM and GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE have joined forces to build the largest photovoltaic ground mounted solar power plant situated in in Sourdun (77), Île-de-France, on a former military brownfield site. The power plant has an installed capacity of 4.5 MWp. This partnership has been further strengthened by completing several other projects, such as the installation of several solar plants on the rooftops of high schools in the Rhône-Alpes and Languedoc-Roussillon regions (2 MWp), as well as the commissioning and operation of one of the first power plants equipped with solar trackers on French soil (3.5 MWp), which is situated close to Avignon.


ARBORESCENCE CAPITAL is an entrepreneurial company focused on Financial Investment Advisory. ARBORESCENCE CAPITAL is specialized in sustainable development, defined as investment integrating extra-financial considerations – in addition to the usual financial aspects – in the analysis and selection of assets, for a social or an environmental benefit. Since 2011, this activity has been expanded to different countries on the African continent where ARBORESCENCE CAPITAL and GÉNÉRALE DU SOLAIRE are co-developing large solar power plant projects.

Financial partners