In 2021, make your projects a reality thanks to the sun !

Générale du Solaire’s team, whishes you a happy new year for 2021 !

As year 2020 has not been easy, Générale du Solaire offers you to build 2021 together, in order to make your projects a reality !

Take profit from your unexploited property : land, rooftop, car parks. Générale du Solaire deals with everything and finances part of your projetcs by constructing photovoltaic power plants on your property.

3 key reasons to contact us in 2021 :

  • add value to your unexploited properties and take profit from additional income
  • take part to energy transition and help development of green energy
  • get involved in societal commitments for a sustainable development


Générale du Solaire takes advantage of this message to thank all its customer and partners of the numerous projects developed in 2020.  


We remain at your disposal to support you in all your solar projects

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