Solar energy combines energy transition and agricultural development

Roof mounted photovoltaic power plants : 3 commissionings on agricultural sheds

Générale du Solaire announces the commissioning of 3 solar power plants with a total capacity of 660 kWp, on farm buildings.

More than 3 900 m² rooftops, in the Alpes de Hautes Provence and in the Gers,

will produce 927 000 kWh/year,  the equivalent of the annual consumption of 310 households.

These plants will prevent the emission of 62 tons of CO2 per year!

Solar combines energy transition and agricultural development

Agricultural partners Lopez, Richaud and Schmaltz are thus actively participating in the energy transition while at the same time providing themselves with a work space enabling them to develop their activity.

Since 2008 Générale du solaire is the farmers’ partner … what about you ?

Tell us about your project, our experts will make it happen 

Lopez – Castillon Massas (32)


Richaud – Sisteron (04)


Schmaltz – Noyer sur Jabon (04)

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