News of our humanitarian project in Benin

Générale du Solaire partner of Synergie Solaire, for the construction and solar electrification of a community educational space in Benin:

Générale du Solaire aims to make solar energy accessible to all and participates in the financing of a community educational center in Benin.

The video below allows you to see the progress of the project …

Reminder of the context, the energy issue and the objective of this project carried out in partnership with Synergie Solaire:

The low rate of access to electricity in Benin limits the country’s growth and increases poverty and imbalances.
The population of the village of Séougbato is very poor and partially illiterate. The main resources are artisanal fishing, agriculture and fish processing.
The village does not have access to electricity. women play a key role in the economic development of the village; they market fish in particular in distant markets: Bopa (5km), Logbopo (10km), Comé (22km). Taking care of young children, freeing up time for women, is a determining factor for economic success.

Since 2013, rural women’s groups have set up a community kindergarten: a fragile straw hut, destroyed after each storm, which accommodates 50 children from 3 to 5 years old.
This project led by the NGO Bénin Vi bibi (taking care of those excluded from education in Benin, etc.) makes it possible to perpetuate their initiative and open it up to a wider audience: schoolchildren, college students and adults who are in high demand. literacy courses and training. The idea is to offer a place for the education of young children during the day (via an educator and volunteer mothers), training for adults in the evening and on weekends, and the possibility for schoolchildren and college students to do their homework in the light after dark.

Générale du Solaire supports professionals in France and abroad…

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